Have You Got A Big Bum?

I’m not referring to the one you may or may not live with but the one that follows you around everywhere you go. Your Butt. It’s big, it’s out there, there’s no disguising that sucker! It can certainly make finding flattering clothes a bit of a challenge.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when working with a big booty:

  • Don’t try to cover it up, you’ll just make it look bigger and wider. The best strategy is to let it see the light of day. Be proud of it. Ensure the curve of your waist and bottom are defined.
  • Work with curve slimming styles that show your bottom and your waist. Look for fit-and-flare options. Pay special attention to the cut of your clothes – the wrong cut can be disastrous. Also pay attention to the fabric. Bulky fabrics bulk you up, so again, be careful and pay particular attention to the cut. It should skim and hug your curves in all the right places without clinging.
  • Never wear loose or unstructured styles. It will bunch and stretch in all the wrong places.
  • If the bottom half is wide then you need to widen the top half to offset.
  • Choose shirts and tops with three quarter length sleeves that will end at your waist as it will draw the eye there and further reduce your bottom.
  • Keep the bottom half of your outfits simple and streamlined. No ruching, horizontal stripes or added design features as these will draw the eye and then everyone’s looking at your butt.
  • Keep the color on the bottom darker than on your top half.
  • Opt for straight leg, flared or wide leg pants. Stay away from skinny jeans or any pant that is narrows on the lower part of your leg. It will make your butt look huge. Pants should skim your hips then fall straight down to make your legs look longer.
  • Jeans and pants should be a mid-rise. Avoid low slung as they make you look wider and shorter.
  • Opt for big pockets on the back of jeans – they will keep you in proportion. Small pockets will make you look bigger by comparison.
  • Pants should be long enough to touch the ground whilst standing in bare feet. This will allow you to wear with heels which will make you look taller and your bottom smaller.
  • Avoid pleated pants or skirts like the plague, they will only enlarge your butt and your belly.
  • A tulip pencil skirt is the best bet to show off your bottom but retain structure.
  • Be very careful with A-line skirts and dresses as they may flare out over your butt and emphasize rather than contain.
  • Avoid short skirts, even if you have fabulous thighs. Knee length will highlight your gorgeous bottom as well as adding a little concealment.
  • Opt for fit-and-flare dresses showing a definite hourglass proportion.
  • Show off your waist and booty with waist hugging jackets that end at the hipbone. Try to avoid tops and jackets that end below your bottom.
  • For your coat choose a straight cut single-breast that ends just below the knee. Something with some kind of focus at the waist is better to add a bit of structure.
  • Accessories are for the top half ONLY.
  • Belts should be around your waist rather than low slung. The first will give you a great silhouette whilst the second will just make your butt look wider. Keep the width of the belt narrow. BE CAREFUL with belts. You can end up making your waist look smaller and therefore your butt look bigger.
  • A small bag that hangs on your hip is going to make your butt look bigger in comparison. Ch
  • Round toed shoes will draw attention to your curves. Pointy toes elongate the leg and make your butt look more in proportion. A heel is always better, even if only a kitten heel.


Pants: A wide leg pant in a dark color. It will flow from your hips and look fabulous. Match it with your favorite v-necked top to broaden your upper half.

Dresses: A strapless dress cinched at the waist before flaring over your hips. It will widen your shoulders adding proportion to your silhouette.

Stick around as I’ll be going into more details with some of these strategies as I go along. If there’s anything in particular you want to know about let me know.

Good shopping.



  1. Paul says

    I feel like this is all technically good advice, but, as a guy, I am usually looking for a girl with a big butt. Therefore, I think that sometimes it would be appropriate to disregard all of this advice. Like if you have a big butt to begin with, you may as well flaunt it, which would be appealing to some guys, rather than minimize it, which might end up not appealing to anyone.

  2. admin says

    Hi Paul – thanks for commenting. The idea is that the lady in question is happy with herself. It’s about her feeling more attractive and therefore confident and sexy. If that’s achieved by minimizing her butt it’s a personal choice but I rather doubt that will detract from her overall attractiveness. Rather the opposite. Besides, her butt might be the area she decides to showcase.

  3. John says

    primeval urges I lovea broad hipped round buttocked small waisted female That is a beautiful form fecund signals – natural – see history not usa perversions

  4. tam says

    hi thi is great advice but i am a big woman all over and when i wear any skirt it loks higher up at the back then the front?. Any ideas pls ? thankyou

  5. says

    Try an A-line skirt – it’s a more structured style and may accommodate your booty better.

    One of my favorite skirts is straight at the front and flares out at the back. The cut is actually longer at the back and really minimizes the big booty.

    Keep looking there are skirts out there that will flatter. Everyone has issues with something. With me it’s shirts. I hardly ever find a button up shirt that fits my breasts and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a shroud.

    And remember, oftentimes it’s simply the cut of the clothes. I sometimes wonder if any women actually are the shape they cut the clothes.

  6. Jessica says

    I have a big butt and thighs but pleated skirts look great on me! I love the school uniform type pleated skirts. :s
    Also, long cardigans are fine…

    I agree with most of the advice though.

  7. says

    Hi Jessica

    Thanks for commenting. The more I learn about this stuff the more I think it’s just a place to start, then, when you’re confident dressing in a way that looks great for you, do whatever works for you.


  8. meredith says

    thanks for the advice, its always a struggle to find skirts that compliment and not seem too provocative in the work environment, especially when you are a high school teacher.i just stay away form pants as i dont seem too comfortable with it.

    please keep on updating please



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