How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger

It was pointed out to me just recently that a lot of women, well actually a lot of men, prefer a women’s ass to look big. They find it incredibly sexy. And we do like to please our men. So for those women who want to make your bottom the focus of an outfit here is how to do it.

NOTE: Fit is always the most important thing to keep in mind. You clothes should skim your body hugging your curves. Not tight and not loose. A figure hugging outfit is always sexier no matter what your shape.


  • A pencil skirt hugs the hips and bottom, follows the curve of the thighs before narrowing at the knee. It will highlight hips and bottom as the widest part. This is your best weapon.
  • A straight skirt is a good alternative – a similar shape but it does not narrow at the knees. It is better for someone who is extra curvy as it will contain thighs better than a pencil.
  • AVOID a pencil skirt if you are a pear shape. It will highlight your thighs instead.
  • Avoid an A-line skirt as it minimizes hips and bottoms.
  • A shorter skirt will highlight the bottom.
  • Opt for a shorter hem and higher waist if you are petite. It will make your torso look shorter and your legs longer.
  • If you have a tummy to conceal opt for a heavier fabric like denim or corduroy to offer more support and avoid bulges.
  • A bias cut chiffon is a good option to cling to the curves of your thighs and bottom. Again AVOID if you are a pear shape.
  • Pockets, buckles, buttons on the hips will accentuate the hips but work best on the very slender.
  • Pockets on the bottom will accentuate the bottom but should be in proportion to your size. A big pocket on a small bottom will make the bottom look smaller and vice versa.
  • A godet skirt (flicks out at the bottom) will balance your hips by creating volume around your knees. This is a minimizing strategy but showcases the bottom and upper thighs.
  • A skinny leg jean will highlight your thighs more than your bottom.
  • Pants should cup and mould your bottom and then fall from the waist in a straight or wide leg. This is a minimizing strategy but again it looks fabulous.
  • A darker color will minimize the lower half, particularly paired with a brighter top. Opt for a bright color on the lower half. The brighter the color the more the more it catches the eye. Balance with a neutral or soft color on top.
  • A patterned skirt or pant will draw the eye and highlight the lower half.
  • If you are narrower on your top half then wear a structured jacket to broaden your top half and maintain proportion.
  • Look for dresses in jersey fabric to cling to curves. Wear with shapewear to get rid of any bulges.
  • Look for dresses that echo the pencil shape.

Celebrate your curves. Make the most of them. They area an integral part of your signature look and if it includes a fine rear end, make the most of it.

Have a good day,


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