Trinny and Susannah: The Skittle

Trinny and Susannah’s the Skittle is described as average tits, slim waist, ok tummy, big thighs, chunky calves.

I’ve got to say I’ve had great difficulty working out the difference between a skittle and a pear. The differences are subtle but definitely quite distinctive in terms of dressing. Both a Pear and Skittle have a slim waist although on a Pear it’s likely to be longer. That’s because the real difference between a Pear and Skittle is the hips and thighs. A Pear has added extra on the outside of their thighs. By contrast a Skittle just has big legs; thighs and calves. A Pear is also likely to be much smaller on the top half with smaller breasts and a more toned stomach.

Dressing The Skittle

The biggest problem with a Skittle is the lack of balance between top and bottom. The bottom is bigger than the top and that highlights how much bigger the bottom half is. So the solution is to get balance back. This is done be adding volume to the top half and minimising the lower half.

Don’t – wear short trousers or capris. You have short legs so if you cut them half way down the calves you’re simply making them shorter again which makes your thighs look wider.

Do – get some interest happening in your top half with eye catching jewellery and eye popping tops.

Don’t – wear stretch pants of any type as they will cling to your thighs.

Do – wear fitting clothes on your upper half as baggy on top will just highlight the lower half.

Clothing – what shapes to avoid

Skinny leg jeans – assuming you can get them in your size (something I struggle with) they highlight your thighs and make your ass look huge.

Pencil skirts – this works the same as skinny leg jeans in that it catches your lower half and highlights although it can be made to work if you have something extra special go

Cropped pants – short pants cuts your leg off and makes your look shorter and your legs wider.

Ankle straps – your legs are short and an ankle strap on a shoe has the effect of making them look shorter, and again, wider.

Clothes – what shapes to look for

Embellished blouseShirt with detail – use added embellishments and details on your blouses to add bulk and volume to your top half. The idea being that your lower half is contained and simple so bring the drama to your top half. It will draw attention directly to your face which is the ideal place for it!

027000VC05769411Panelled skirt – look for a firmer fabric with some shape to it. The panelling will give you firm support whilst the slightly flared shape will give a hint of femininity. Any vertical lines on your thighs and bottom will have a slimming effect.

H&M shop onlineDress with flared skirt – a dress that is fitted through the top half of your body before flaring out over your thighs is the best choice. The fitted top hugs your curves and emphasised your slenderness on top, the detail at your waist highlights your waist and then the skirt flares over your thighs and discretely disguises their width.

Planet ruched sleeve topBody hugging top – wearing colour on your top half attracts attention, more aptly it draws attention away from your lower half. A body hugging top shows your slender torso and ruched sleeves make your body look wider. The draping neckline of this top adds volume to your top half making your seem more balanced.

Jersey vest berry Fitted knit – the goal for a Skittle is always to make the upper half of their body broader to offset the width of your thighs whilst at the same time showing off your slender waist. A fitted knit vest over a feminine blouse with show your shape beautifully whilst making your shoulders look wider.

Wide legged pantsWide leg trousers – wide leg pants fall from the hips and bottom and will skim over your thighs. Because they stay the same width all the way down they d isguise your calves and make your legs look longer. Get them hemmed to your heel. If you prefer to wear heels have them hemmed even longer and you will look taller and leaner again.

Hobbs Joyce JacketWaist hugging jacket – make use of your tiny waist with your jackets by finding one that hugs it lovingly. The wide open neck of this jacket broadens your shoulders and makes your seem wider, offsetting the width of your lower half.

Chunky leather court shoeHigh chunky heel – wearing a slender heel will simply highlight the width of your thighs and calves, particularly if you wear them with wide leg pants. Select a chunky heel that offers good stability. A higher heel is good as it adds height which again gives the illusion of more slender legs.

If you want to find out more about Trinny and Susannah’s Body Shape Bible please click here.


  1. says

    Mostly a really good description–but I would clarify by saying that the main difference between the Skittle and Pear is the butt. (You are right, though, they are similar–and likely genetically related. My mom’s a Skittle, I’m a pear, and I know a mom-daughter pair with the reverse combination) The Skittle, left to her own devices and without a good trainer/workout equipment, will have a completely flat butt, something the pear could never identify with! I would say the long-waistedness is mostly equal with these two types though (if anyone with normal-length legs ever tries going shopping in East Asia, they’ll quickly discover that nothing made for a bunch of Skittle girls will be long enough!)

  2. Julie Mitchell says

    my body is skittle except I am tall, so my legs are long. I’m wondering if the length of clothes is still an issue. I do agree on the shape of these – very good shapes for me!

  3. says

    Hi Julie

    The length matters if it’s an issue for you. Everyone has different preferences where the clothing ends, but beware. The eye is drawn to where the clothing ends.


  4. Julie Mitchell says

    Hi Lisa ~ can you email me so I can send you a picture
    of my profile? I would love to know if “skittle” is the right
    choice. And if it is, what “style” this is called.

  5. shilpa says

    may b i am a skittle..i have average tits 34 inches,waist 26 inches,hips 36 inches n i am 5 feet 5.i do have chunky calves and thighs. but my problem is i have heavy arms too..

  6. says

    Hey Shilpa

    I think you’re probably more of a Cello, but it is likely that you’re a combination of at least two, or sometimes even three shapes. Not many people are going to fit into just one perfectly.

  7. Alissa says

    Hi! I’m having trouble identifying my shape. My friends always said its hard because I have a “toned down hourglass shape” meaning I definitely have a waist and hips and a decent cup size, but not exaggerated enough to really be hourglass. Lately I’ve been looking more pear, probably six e I’ve gained a little weight. I’m 5’3.5″ with 32D bra size which translates to 36 inches, 27 inch waist, 37.5 inch hips. My shoulders always looked kind of narrow to me but I think they kind of slope downward, giving the appearance of narrowness. I’m pretty muscular (when my feet are together, my calves touch, and I was always the winner in arm wrestling competitions!) and my legs are kind of short. My inseam is just barely 28 inches for my 63.5 inch height. I guess my proportions seem to be hourglass based on measurement, but the narrow shoulders kind of affect that. My thighs bother me but they’re fatty on the inner thigh, not the outer thigh like pears. Help would be appreciated! I have issues dressing my narrow shoulders and weird legs!

  8. says

    Hi Alissa

    You’re probably more skittle shaped, with a big bust. There is no way to take into account the many, many different shapes that come into effect.

    Try those ideas for Pear and Skittle and actually even Vase (which is a stretched Hourglass). Try different clothes until you find shapes that you like.


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