Queen Latifah

It’s always hard to find pictures of women who are a similar size to me and that makes it so much harder to find outfit ideas that really speak to me. Particularly in the celebrity world, which lets face it, is where the majority of photos we see are from.

Queen Latifah is just gorgeous, she’s stylish and though not as big as me she has similar proportions so she is most definitely one of my style icons.

Problem is, I’m not that keen on her style because sometimes it’s really all over the place. She doesn’t seem to have settled on one image at all, which is likely because she has so many different images: rapper, actress and now budding entrepreneur. Plus there’s the added problem that most images of her are red carpet images, which is the same for all celebrities.

I’ve been looking though and I’ve found a few shots that I just love.

For instance this dress. I love it. I love the whole outfit actually and it’s exactly what I’m looking at achieving. It’s simple, it’s sexy and classy and not black. I like it alot.

Other inspiring looks from Queen Latifah I love:

This look is from one of her album covers. It’s so effective they’ve repeated the look again in one of her movies. It’s again, sexy and classic and can be dressed up or dressed down. Just what I’m looking for. I really want to get a suit simply because it is so versatile.


The pin stripes in the jacket are chosen to elongate the body, because the longer the body looks the narrower it looks. Plus pinstripes also ooze powerful.

I’m coming to terms with my roundness so don’t really feel the need to play it down so much any more (ironic given this website) so I’m undecided about the pinstripe.

This is a particular look that would work well climate wise where I live. I like the top and it’s a reminder to never get so caught up in this body shape stuff that you shouldn’t try different things. I usually steer well away from high necked tops with my larger breasts but this is working well here. It looks good. I love the shorts and the earrings. Not so hot on the shoes.

I’m just looking for images of outfits that I really like to really solidify my own image. It’s kinda fun.




  1. says

    I think us busty girls could wear higher necklines if the color is black… Black doesn’t play with so many shadows so our boobs don’t look gigantic.


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