What To Wear: To Conceal Your Stomach

A lot of women really dislike their bellies. In fact four out of five women wish they were smaller around the middle, me included. However you feel about your stomach if you want to conceal it this is how to do it:

  • Don’t wear clingy lycra clothing to try and hold your tummy in. It won’t work and will only emphasize how big your belly is.
  • Buy clothes that fit your stomach not your hips, otherwise you end up with muffin top; bulges over the top of your waistband. Have the piece altered to fit lower if necessary.
  • Opt for dresses – separates bring the focus to the midriff, the area you’re trying to draw the eye away from.
  • Distract attention from your stomach by drawing it to your breasts. Get a padded or push up bra. An empire line dress or top with a plunging neckline is also a great option.
  • Don’t wear fabrics that are tight across your stomach, BUT be careful because looser styles can be shapeless. You want to just skim your tummy and highlight your waist.
  • Use detailing over your stomach to detract from the bulge; ruching at the side to make your waist look smaller, princess seams that give you a more shapely silhouette or vertical panels of pleats. The eye will skip over any bulge and follow the detailing.
  • If you have smaller breasts square off your body by wearing low-waisted dresses.
  • If you have larger breasts then a wrap dress is ideal, with it’s empire line drawing attention to your top and the balance skimming over your belly and hips.
  • Consider sleeveless tops to draw attention to your arms and shoulders, as well as knee length dresses and skirts to highlight your legs.
  • Wear mid rise trousers that hit the crest of your tummy cutting that area in half. A wider waistband will help hold you in without cutting into your belly and making an unsightly bulge.
  • Avoid skinny style pants and jeans as they will make your stomach look wider in comparison. Look for straight leg pants to balance things out.
  • The bigger your belly, the wider the leg to even you out.
  • Ideally the front of your trousers and jeans should be completely smooth and streamlined, giving you a smooth and streamlined appearance. Look for pants flat-fronted pants with a side zip.
  • Avoid silky slip dresses as they will focus attention onto your belly.
  • Avoid skirts with elasticized waistbands as they will actually add inches to your midriff (plus they make you look old).
  • A high-waisted pencil skirt will look great, especially if there are darts below the waistband to smooth over your stomach.
  • Hemlines should hit at your knee.
  • Angled side pockets will always bag out giving a saddle-bag silhouette.
  • A side split can be really flattering and will slice up your lower body and emphasize your legs. It will also stop the fabric from gathering around your waist.
  • Belts worn to tight at the waist will make your belly bulge more.
  • A jacket is best with a cinched-in waistband slightly higher than your natural waistline to elongate your body and draw the eye higher. Look for a hem that flares out slightly to disguise your stomach.
  • Interesting lapels will draw the eye away from your middle.
  • Stay away from double breasted jackets that will just add width.
  • Cropped jackets that end at your waist will draw attention to your stomach. Look for a fitted jacket with a hem that flows just over your stomach or a longer line jacket.
  • Try to avoid tops that are too long – aim for those that end at the base of your stomach but avoid tops that hug the underside of your belly.
  • Don’t tuck in your tops.
  • Opt for cap sleeves as this will broaden your shoulders. Three quarter length sleeves will draw attention where they end, which is your middle.
  • Buttonless wrap styles will be more flattering, avoiding any unnecessary bulges and drawing attention to your upper body by cinching the waist.
  • V-neck tops will slim the upper body.
  • Ruching over your stomach will give the impression its hanging loose, even if it isn’t.
  • Heels will make you look taller and slimmer. Long boots will emphasize your legs.
  • Chunky heeled, round-toes styles will make your lower body heavier, great for balancing a bigger midsection.
  • Shoes with ankle straps will break up your legs and make you look shorter and dumpier.
  • Wear jewellery that draws the eyes upward.


  1. Tom Beagle says

    Instead of covering it up or hiding it you could do something about it! Most people don’t even get started. Exercise is important. Diet is also important. They are also the two main reasons people can’t lose fat and get a flat stomach. Check out why…


  2. Mandy says

    Well, easy to tell soemone to do something about it. Once upon a time I was 36-22-36. I had children, and that was the end of that!! I now have a belly that refuses to leave my body. My stomach used to be as flat as a board. I was very slim, and I know I will never see those days again. What’s more, I don’t care. I do exercise, and am dieting, but believe me, it’s very very difficult. I am going to be the best that I can be though, and will strive to keep up an exercise program. I think cutting my food portions in half is a good idea.

  3. says

    Mandy, I think you’re probably beautiful just the way you are. You’re different that what you used to be but I bet you totally rock.

    Go buy yourself something that feels great, walk tall and proud and forget idiots like Tom who think that being critical is good and wise.

  4. Lilza says

    it doesnt matter. i think its better to dress so that you FEEL sexy and comfortable with your body shape-and some poeples matabalism is different. mi friend eats really unhelathy, barely any exercise, and yetr he stays permanately thin, i’m in the middle, but with a lot of excewrcise, and after my daughter wasborn 7 months ago, it hasnt ever gone back to its original flat state. x its fine. i alwaiiz notice that people only really comment on ur weight/size in a nasty wway, if ur nt being that nice to them, or ur nt really friends. if they lke ya, if your friends, they dont care. neither should u. if it makes you feel good. go with it! xxx

  5. Jean says

    I am going on a cruise in Nov. and would like to wear a little black dress and look out of sight. But, I am now a senior citizen and am pear-shaped with a pouchy stomach. What should I be looking for?

  6. says

    Hi Jean

    If you’re not to hot on your lower half then the best idea is to direct attention upwards. Look for an empire waisted dress with a plunging neckline. It will showcase your chest and face whilst flowing loosely over the rest of your body.

    Alternately, if you’re not comfortable showing cleavage look for something a bit more structured like a dress with an a-line skirt. Again empire waisted is best.


  7. Sarah says

    Hey guys,

    I’m soo glad I found this because I thought I was the only one wondering around feeling crappy about my stomach. I am a petite size 8 how ever regardless of how much I diet and exercise my stomach never seems to go. I spent sooo long feeling down about this and it really impacted on my self esteem and would sometimes ruin great nights out with husband, family and friends because I felt like crap in my clothes. I know follow alot of the tips you mentioned and it feels so great to wear something that not only suits my body shape but also makes me feel good. I know accept that somethings just don’t suit me and instead focus on wearing the things I love and feel comfortable in.


  8. says

    Hey Nancy

    Thanks and I’m glad that I could be helpful. Really the best idea is to highlight what works for you and minimize the rest.

    Thanks for commenting.



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