Trinny and Susannah: The Apple

appleTrinny and Susannah’s the Apple is described as average tits, tummy bigger than tits, quite flat bum and ok legs.

If you’re an apple the best way to describe you is round. Your tummy is your widest part and pretty much dictates what you can and can’t wear.  As is always the case highlight the parts you like and cover up the rest. With apples you’re likely to have good legs and lovely breasts. Make use of them.


Your biggest challenge is accommodating your tummy and lessening it’s impact on the rest of your frame. Quite simply put you’ve got to take some of those curves away. The first step for apple’s is to get a good bra. You need clear definition between your bust and your belly and only a good bra can do that.

Do – get fitted for a good supportive bra

Don’t – wear baggy clothes that cover up your body like a sack. It’s not useful for anyone but least of all the Apple.

Do – make good use of your breasts and your legs; they are your best assets.

Don’t – wear high necked shirts. Your cleavage is an asset and should not be hidden away.


Square t-shirts – wearing a big square t-shirt may seem like a good idea as you accommodate your belly but it makes your middle look wider and your legs narrower.

Tight t-shirts – equally tight t-shirts will draw attention to your belly and just won’t work.

Pleated skirts / pants – pleats on skirts or pants make the garment flare out from your stomach and makes the stomach look wider again.

Shapeless jeans – choosing jeans that fit your stomach will then have the corresponding effect of swamping your legs making you look bigger all the way around.

Anything bulky – putting anything bulky on your top half is going to make your stomach look bigger.


Jersey trousersFlat fronted trousers – a side fastening, flat fronted trouser is the best choice. It will avoid adding any extra bulk to your stomach. Opt for a wide leg that will skim you hips, stomach and thighs without clinging anywhere.

Chiffon overlay sequin tankRuched t shirt – a ruched shirt will disguise any lumps and bumps by confusing the eye with what is fabric and what is not. Select something with a wide open neckline to bring emphasis to your upper body and face.

Backstage scoop neck ruched topEmpire waist shirt – the waistline on this shirt hits just under your breasts, the narrowest part, and then falls nicely over your stomach. It’s an elegant and comfortable option.

Wide-leg denim trousersDenim trousers – instead of jeans look for a more tailored option in denim trousers. Again go for wide legged to balance your stomach, hips and thighs. If you can find side fastening ones all the better.

backstage-moskau-blouse-651124-119455_mediumSide fastening long sleeved shirt – look for a shirt that fastens at the side or has hook and eyes underneath the lapels to give you more support through the middle of the shirt. Opt for a wide open neck to bring attention to your face.

Pleated silk skirtSkirt with pleats – you need a skirt that will offer some movement around your lower thighs and knees but also gives you support around your stomach. Look for a pleated skirt with the pleats starting below your stomach.

Ivory knitted godet cardiganStraight lapel jacket or cardigan – a good way to confuse the eye is to wear a straight lapel jacket or cardigan open over a more fitted shirt. This creates three distinct portions through the middle of your body, each long and slim. Keep the jacket in contrast to the rest of your outfit.

Charles Anastase peter pan collar coat

Straight Duster coat – use the duster in a similar way to the jacket or cardigan. It literally draws a slender line through the centre of your body creating a slender image.

Chloe wedge shoeSmall shaped wedge – a small wedge is ideal for showing off your slim ankles but giving you good support. It will also avoid any unnecessary contrast between the size of your upper body and the slenderness of your lower legs.

Suede wedge pumpHigher shaped wedge – for evening wear choose a higher and sexier heel in the same wedge shape.

If you’re still not sure of your Trinny and Susannah body shape take the body shape quiz.

If you want to find out more about Trinny and Susannah’s Body Shape Bible please click here.


  1. Lisa says

    Can you please post some places to buy empire waist or ruched shirts if you can? I used to own these awesome faux wrap shirts with empire waists from Old Navy, now I can’t seem to find them anywhere.
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. ghany says

    can you help me determine what is my real body shape? because as i have read your article/s i think i am an apple shape body type but i have have concerns because i have a flat butt and my back seems to be whole flat which i think is not a characteristic/s of an apple shape body type? thanks….

  3. says

    Hi Ghany

    I’m guessing that if you thought you were an Apple in the first place it’s because you carry some extra around your stomach. Apple’s don’t necessarily need to be round all the way round, it’s more a question of the waist being the widest part. You might be more of a Brick where your torso is more of a solid block on legs. The two are very similar with the difference being that an Apple’s waist is wider.

    Have a look at both shapes and the clothing ideas. It’s only intended as a guide to get you dressing in a way that makes you feel more comfortable and you’re unlikely to fit exactly into one category.


  4. Aimee says

    I think i have a good body shape except ive had 3 kids so i dont have any boobs anymore and my tummy is always seems bloated, my legs are a good shape and i have a nice curvy waist line. i thought i fit into a apple. I only like to wear dresses so what dresses to you think are best suited to hide a ‘ive had 3 kids’ tummy.



  5. says

    Hi Aimee

    I’m glad you like you shape. It’s nice.

    I would suggest try an empire waisted dress, which is one gathered under the breasts. Apple is kind of a hard shape for dresses because usually the best idea is going to be separates, to accomodate differently shaped areas.

    Try a boxy shift, but be careful because it might make your legs look skinny.



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