The 12 Shapes Of Trinny and Susannah

The more I learn about body shape the more resistant I am to actually defining a shape. One of the things that I, personally, have gained from writing this website is a greater measure of understanding of my own body and the shape that it is. How that translates into choosing clothing is still somewhat confusing and something I’m working my way through, actually as I write this website.

I do know that I don’t like the four categories I started off with. The issues with the use of the term pear basically highlighted the need for more appropriate classification. I want to further illustrate this point by examining the 12 shapes that Trinny and Susannah have identified – hourglass, cello, vase, bell, skittle, goblet, pear, lollipop, cornet, apple, column and brick.

The four categories I started with are hourglass, triangle, pear and rectangle. What shape you fall into is simple enough to define based on some simple measurements. These categories can be broken down even further into the types that Trinny and Susannah have identified.

UPDATE: Need some help finding your shape – take the Trinny and Susannah body shape quiz.


1. HOURGLASS – big tits, small waist, short waist, big hips, generous thighs

What really defines an hourglass is her tiny waist.

2. CELLO – big boobs, short waist, big hips, big bottom, big thighs, slim lower legs

A cello is an hourglass with a little extra around the middle which pretty much removes the tiny waist.

Ophrah WinfreyKirstie Alley

3. VASE big tits, gently curving longer waist, hips equal tits, slim thighs and legs

A vase is sort of stretched out hourglass. A vase is very much defined by her height.


Kate WinsletGeena Davis


4. BELL – small shoulders, small tits, small waist, big thighs, big bottom

A bell’s breasts and waist are fairly similar size with all the extra on the bottom.

5. SKITTLE – average tits, slim waist, ok tummy, big thighs, chunky calves

A skittle has curvaceous thighs and bottom but is smaller on top.

Halle BerryMeryl Streep

6. PEAR – small tits, long waist, flat tummy, saddlebags, heavy legs

A pear is characterized by extra weight on the outer thighs.

Sandra Bullock


7. LOLLIPOP – big tits, slight waist, slim hips, long legs

The majority of celebrities fall into this category.

Uma Thurman

8. CORNET – broad shoulders, small boobs, no waist, slim hips, long slim legs

Take away the big breasts and the shape becomes almost boyish.

Cameron DiazNaomi Campbell

9. GOBLET – broad shoulders, big boobs, no waist, narrow hips, long legs

And sometimes you’re just plain bigger on top.

Catherine Zeta Jones



10. APPLE – average tits, tummy bigger than tips, quiet flat bottom, OK legs

For this shape your stomach dictates how your dress, being the widest part.

Beth DittoKathy Bates

11. COLUMN – shoulder width the same as hips, slight waist, longer legs

A column is tall and has no waist rather than extra – like an, um, column.

Gwyneth PaltrowNicole Kidman

12. BRICK – Broad shoulders, no waist, average tummy, flat bum, chunky thighs, chunky calves

A shorter and wider version of the column, again with no waist.

Kim Cattrall

And there you have the 12 shapes of Trinny and Susannah. I think these definitions are more useful that the simple four simply because it begins to really breakdown the categories in each group.

So what category are you? I am a cello.


PS: If you’re thinking of buying Trinny and Susannah’s Body Shape Bible, please click here.


  1. says

    Overall a great intro to the 12 shapes, but I have a few refinements/revisions:

    -Vases can be any height, I’ve observed. The biggest thing is that they tend toward the long-waisted, rather than the more leggy and shortwaisted Hourglass.
    -Katie Holmes looks like more of a Skittle to me (but then again, my pear butt makes most fellow pears look like Skittles in comparison…)
    -Beth Ditto is pretty obviously a Brick–looks kinda like Kelly Osbourne before the latter lost all that weight. Beth’s legs are far too chunky for an apple (for some reason, a lot of my high school friends were Apples, and I always envied their long chicken legs, which they themselves found too gangly!)

    I’ve also seen that the most common shapes across the board appear to be the Vase (Northern European girls), Brick (Northern European, Latina, Native American), and Skittle (Eastern European and Asian).

  2. says

    I can’t believe with 12 options that none of these sound like me. I have shoulders even with hips, a “bubble butt”, a small & defined waist, a small-medium bust, longish legs with fullish thighs on top but that get slender toward the calves. My legs are not “heavy” or short, which seems to rule out all the pear shapes, but my bust is too small to be an hourglass…. I don’t know why they think all women with wider hips than bust must have big legs….

  3. Lisa says

    I guess Cornet fits me best, but Cornets seem to be an athletic, boyish type? and that doesn’t really fit me. I have shoulders that aren’t exactly broad but are bigger than my hips, very small bust, a slim curvy waist (not long but not short), very narrow hips, tiny thighs, and relatively bigger calves. I wouldn’t say my legs are exactly long but they’re not too short. My hip measurement always seems to be the most unusually small and disproportionate one on me.

  4. ellathibodeaux says

    I’m something between an hourglass and a cello. I wouldn’t call my waist tiny, but it’s 8″ smaller than my boobs and 10″ smaller than my hips.
    40-32-42. When I was in my twenties I was 35-24-34. My thighs are now bigger than my waist once was. Sad. I feel like a slob.

  5. says

    Hi Ella

    I know what you mean. I’ve changed a lot as well over the years. I’ve done a lot of research about clothes and body shape and following on from that weight loss and fat acceptance and now I’m firmly into the realms of body acceptance. Its a hard journey, letting go of all the sundry stuff that we get force fed down our throats. I think it’s important to feel good about ourselves in as many ways as possible. Personally I have lovely eyes, and I quite like my feet. Everything in between is questionable but I try not to dwell too much. Sadly I’m not real great on the self acceptance yet, but I do see that its a better option than self hatred.

    I think you’re probably gorgeous Ella.


  6. Rata says


    I’m not sure if you guys are still answering to these, but if you are, I must say that I am fairly confused. I’m sort of a pear body shape, at least that’s what I always thought, but it’s not very exaggerated. I am 5’8”, so I’m on the tall side, I weigh 139 lbs, and my measurements are 38- 29-40. I think that according to this system of body shapes, I would be a bell. But there are a few problems with that. My boobs are fairly big (I’m 34DD). I mean, they are not huge, but I wouldn’t consider them small at all. Also, my legs are very long and slim- from mid-thigh down. The upper thighs are where I store most of the fat, together with the love handles. I also think I have a short waist, because me legs are so long, but I’m not entirely sure. I also have an ok tummy. It’s not extremely flat, but it’s not big or bulging in any way. So I’m still not sure where I fit into these descriptions. One thing is for sure though: I have narrow shoulders. I also have love handles. Through trial and error, I discovered that wearing things with shoulder embellishments and structured jackets is good. But I’m not sure about pants/ skirts. I think skirts look good on me, but I don’t remember ever trying on a dress that does. Any suggestions?

  7. says

    Hi Rata

    You’ve got some bell things going on and some hourglass things.

    Dresses are just probably always going to be an issue. Its just the way that they are made I’m sorry. You’re best bet will be to find something that works really well with your lower half and then get it tailored to fit properly up top.

    Do try a strapless dress and then pair with a nice jacket that adds structure to your shoulders.

  8. Mia says


    this one thing has been bugging me from website to website.

    Am I an hourglass/cello or pear ?

    I ask because I have, from top to bottom:

    -broad shoulders
    -smallish boobs
    -small waist
    -big hips/thighs
    -slender calves

    I’m 5’7, not sure if plus sized (what qualifies as plus sized haha?). 154lbs.

    I don’t seem to fit any category because of my shoulder/boob ratio ūüėõ thanks !

  9. says

    Hi Mia

    I sounds like you don’t perfectly fit into any category, or that you have aspects of more than one. Perhaps you’re an hourglass with small breasts or a pear with broad shoulders. What issues are you having with clothes? It will help you decide.

  10. Clarissa says

    Hi, I never feel like I fit into any of these categories.

    Measurements: 34-23.5-36
    -I have shoulders equal to hips, but my arms are very thin. They definitely don’t dominate my body.
    -I have wide hips and a full tush. Also full thighs but skinny calves.
    -Average breasts. Too small to be an hourglass, but not small enough to be a pear. (32B/C)
    -Very small waist and flat tummy. Dresses/belts are often to baggy in the waist unless stretchy. I think its pretty short, I need a skinny belt to emphasize it properly. My jeans always gap in the back. I can’t wear jeans without a pants belt.
    -My lower body appears bigger than my upper body, but not extremely so.

  11. says

    Hi Clarissa

    You feel like you don’t fit in because, well, probably you don’t. I’d say you’re probably mostly a pear but with big breasts. Really it comes down to what issues you have with clothes.

  12. Crystal Kaulbars says

    My shape isn’t even invented yet, but I think a lot of plus-sized people have this shape! Small breasts, absolutely no waist, a rounded belly, wide hips and a flat butt. There doesn’t ever seem to be anything but a freakin’ tent that people sell to wear with the size / shape of my body and it’s very sad, because even though I’m plus-sized and all I do have a sense of style, color and creativity. I don’t want to just walk out wearing a circus tent with a Hawaiian muu-muu pattern and call it a gorgeous dress when we all know it’s just a circus tent. I wish someone would take absolutely real women off the street of every size – and I mean that earnestly as I had an aunt who was so tiny she had to shop the children’s section and was embarrassed – but take those real women, from the tiny to tall, from the slim to plus-sized and show us what they can do in realistic every day clothes to make us look good. Just my 2¬Ę.

  13. says

    I agree totally Crystal, why can’t they make clothes in MY shape! I actually saw this great article about why it’s not so easy to make plus size clothes in ranges that will actually suit many people. It kinda makes sense but is still frustrating. A little more flexibility would be very much appreciated.

  14. Mary says

    Hello Lisa,

    I need your help to understand what shape I am!

    My measurements are 39 – 33 – 41, I’m 5’4 and 150 lbs, so I think I’m quite plus-size.
    I have shoulders nearly as wide as chest, a big bottom (I think) and chunky legs and calves.
    My main problems when buying clothes:
    – if jackets or shirts are ok for my waist they are too tight for my shoulders and chest
    – if long tops fit my chest they usually look too baggy around the waist and too tight around the hips.
    – if high waisted jeans fit my waist, they 0are too tight around the hips and thighs, or if they fit my thighs and hips they are too loose-fitting around the waist.

    Thank you for your help!

  15. says

    FANTASTIC!!! Thanks heaps!! I found a calculator online that gave me 1 of 4 shapes and then I was able to use your blog to define my shape more! I am a brick which was not what I thought I was so I have to work on changing my wardrobe!

  16. Nikki says

    Hi Lisa,

    I don’t know what shape I am. My measurements are 33.5 – 27 – 37. I’m 5’6″ and 120lbs. I have narrow, sloping shoulders with average size breast (32C). My torso is somewhat long and I have a slight waist. The width of my hips equal my shoulders and my legs are straight. When I gain weight, it usually goes to my tummy and upper inner thighs. I feel like I may be a column but I’m not that tall.

  17. says

    Hi Nikki

    I think maybe a Vase with column leanings. Identify your favorite clothes and try to match the shapes to those examples given.

  18. says

    You’re right May, there is absolutely no way to include every different body shape as there are over 3 billion women on the planet. Breaking their many many shapes into 12 is not ever going to address everyone.

    The idea is that you will likely fit into two or three categories. Pick and choose what works for you from those categories.

  19. Chlo√ę says

    Hi I’m 16 and I’m not sure if I’m an hourglass or a vase. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I seem very curvy but other times not so much. I started going through puberty a little later than most (2 years ago) so should I wait until I’m fully developed?
    My height is 5 ft 7 and my measurements are 39.5 – 31 – 40

  20. says

    Hi Chloe. Definitely wait until you’re finished with puberty. All this stuff can seem very confusing and unless you have issues with clothes its not important.

  21. Nicole Jones says

    I really struggle to figure out that shape I am. I hate looking in the mirror and working it out as I dislike my body a lot. My measurements are bust 34.5″ waist 29″ and hips 34.5″. I think that makes me straight/rectangle but they’re confussing as I don’t think I look like women with that body shape!

  22. says

    Hey Nicole

    I know what you mean about disliking your body so much you hate to look in the mirror. Its a sad comment on our society that it’s something so many women struggle with.

    It’s really hard to tell what body shape you are from measurements. Particularly as if you are going to work it out from measurements then compare your hips to your shoulders and waist.

    Working with Trinny and Susannah shapes then yes probably you’re a brick or column. Also check out the ideas for vase and hourglass.

    Really it’s a question of what you’re trying to achieve. Are you looking to upgrade style? Are you struggling to find tops or pants that work with your shape?

    For my perspective I got into this stuff because I have big boobs and have such trouble finding clothes that don’t make me either look like I’m a matron or for hire. When I really got into it I found what I needed more than anything was to accept and love myself. I still struggle that and I’m getting better every day. I don’t have so much trouble buying clothes any more though which is a bonus. Putting together a cohesive style now….sigh.

    So … I guess the question is what do you need to know?

  23. Lena says

    Could you please help me out? I am fairly confused. I am 168cm tall and weight 53kg. These are my measurements:
    Shoulders: 90cm
    Breasts (75 B-cup):86cm
    Waist: 63cm
    Hips: 86cm
    Butt: 90cm
    I believe my best asset are my hourglass-like legs. I seed disproportional beacuse my shoulders are about 5cm wider than the hips. I have a long,curvacious waist,but my tits aren’t big. Am I a vase?
    Thanks in advance!

  24. says

    Hi Lena
    Its most likely you’re a combination of two or more groups (12 shapes, 4 billion women), most likely a cornet.


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